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Super Bowl XLV Tickets

If you are looking for Hotels in Indianapolis Indiana to enjoy Super Bowl 2012 (= Super Bowl XLVI), it is going to be a challenge. Guests will start arriving sooner than usual due to the many, exciting events going on even days before the game, but finding a hotel room near downtown Indianapolis is already quite a challenge - even 3 months out, while we are writing this page.

The good news is, rooms are still available, but anyone who hasn't booked yet is going to have a pretty serious commute. And - unfortunately in most cases - it will easily cost your 3 to 4, and in some cases even more times the normal rate. Hotels downtown, if you don't get lucky: Forget about it!!

Convention and Visitors Association's Chris Gahl says the NFL has contracted with 141 hotels statewide to make sure everyone has a room. "The NFL takes those hotels and a portion are dedicated for sponsors, affiliates and then also the fan, the general public. Keep an eye on those as they are let out in waves and so through the NFL.

"Our hotels will be packed, our restaurants and attractions packed, this is big business but it's also an opportunity to have Indianapolis in the International spotlight with more than 5,000 journalists from around the world coming to cover the Super Bowl," says Gahl.

All of this factors in to the $150 million impact the game has on the city and state, which is an amazing number. However, if you are looking for Hotels in Indianapolis Indiana, you are probably more concerned about where to sleep.

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