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We were on the look-out for some fun Super Bowl Quiz games (Super Bowl Trivia games) and found the one we've included below. You can play it online and even share it with your friends. So, huddle up, get your family and friends together and get the fun started.

Here we go:

Here is an older Quiz (2009), thanks to NBC Sports:

By Steve Svekis

Published: January 19, 2009

Are you ready for Super Bowl XLIII? Test your football smarts with 20 questions about the NFL's biggest game.

1. True or false: When the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV in Pasadena, Calif., it represented an occasion of life imitating art as a film released less than two years earlier had the same teams facing off in a Super Bowl in greater Los Angeles.


2. Dolphin Stadium has hosted four Super Bowls, each featuring a kickoff return for a touchdown. What have these touchdowns had in common?

They all happened in the second half
They all benefited the eventual losing team
They all were at least 93 yards in length
a and c

3. Bill Belicheck has coached in four Super Bowls. What have his teams not done in the first quarter of these games?

Get penalized
Sack the quarterback
Score a touchdown

4. Which team lost three Super Bowls in Miami's Orange Bowl after leading by a touchdown in each?

Dallas Cowboys
Oakland Raiders
Baltimore Colts
Buffalo Bills

5. What other team lost three Super Bowls after leading by at least a touchdown in each?

Dallas Cowboys
Oakland Raiders
Baltimore Colts
Buffalo Bills

6. What has the Super Bowl never had?

A shutout
A punt return for a touchdown
All of the above

7. What are the least points scored by an offense (includes place kicking)?


8. What are the most points scored by a team in a Super Bowl?


9. What is the greatest deficit overcome to win?


10. What is the distance of the game's longest run?


11. What is the shortest span of time in which three touchdowns have been scored?

36 seconds

12. What is the distance of the game's longest pass play?

80 yards
81 yards
85 yards
90 yards

13. What is the distance of the game's shortest field goal?

8 yards
9 yards
18 yards
19 yards

14. Which player was named MVP for his special-teams play?

Dwight Smith
Devin Hester
Adam Vinatieri
Desmond Howard

15. Which team has played in the game the most times?

New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders

16. No team has played the Super Bowl in its home stadium. Using's shortest-route function, which team has played closest to its home stadium?

Los Angeles Rams in XIV
Tennessee Titans in XXXIV
Cincinnati Bengals in XVI
San Francisco 49ers in XIX

17. Which player is the only one from the losing team to have been named MVP?

Thurman Thomas, Bills (XXV)
Chuck Howley, Cowboys (V)
Terrell Owens, Eagles (XXXIX)
Boomer Esiason, Bengals (XXIII)

18. How many sites have hosted both a Super Bowl and a World Series?


19. Who has the most pass attempts in a game without an interception?

Joe Montana
Kurt Warner
Steve Young
Terry Bradshaw

20. How many teams have won three road playoff games and then the Super Bowl?


The Bathroom Super Bowl Quiz Book


1. Correct Answer: True. Heaven Can Wait, released in the summer of 1978, finished with the Steelers playing the Rams at the Los Angeles Coliseum for all the marbles. The Rams, though, won that one.

2. Correct Answer: They all benefited the eventual losing team. The returners: Stanford Jennings, Bengals, XXIII; Andre Coleman, Chargers, XXIX; Tim Dwight, Falcons, XXXIII; Devin Hester, Bears, XLI)

3. Correct Answer: Score.

4. Cowboys. Led Colts 13-6 in V, lost 16-13; Led Steelers 7-0 in X, lost 21-17; Led Steelers 14-7 in XIII, lost 35-31

5. Bills. Led Giants 12-3 in XXV, lost 20-19; Led Cowboys 7-0 in XXVII, lost 52-17; Led Cowboys 13-6 in XXVIII, lost 30-13

6. All of the above.

7. 0. Vikings, Super Bowl IX

8. 55. 49ers, Super Bowl XXIV

9. Ten. The Redskins trailed the Broncos 10-0 in XXII before winning 42-10.

10. Correct Answer: 75. Willie Parker, Steelers, XL

11. 36 seconds. XXXV, an interception-return TD followed by consecutive kickoff-return TDs

12. 85 yards. Jake Delhomme to Muhsin Muhammad, Panthers, XXXVIII

13. 9 yards. Jim Turner, Jets, III (before the goal posts were moved to the back of the end zone)

14. Howard. XXXI, Packers

15. Cowboys. 8 times: V, VI, X, XII, XIII, XXVII, XXVIII, XXX

16. 49ers. 27 miles from Monster Park to Palo Alto, Calif.

17. Chuck Howley

18. Four. (Los Angeles Coliseum (WS 1959, SB I, VII), Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego (WS 1984, 1998; SB XXII, XXXII); Metrodome in Minneapolis (WS 1987, 1991; SB XXVI); Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens (SB XXIII, XXIX, XXXIII, XLI; WS '97, 2003).

19. Kurt Warner. 45 attempts with Rams in XXXIV

20. Two. 2005 Steelers, 2007 Giants

The Bathroom Super Bowl Quiz Book

Let us know if you enjoyed this Super Bowl Quiz and we will have another one next year.

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