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Do Cheap Super Bowl Tickets Exist?
Honestly, do you expect such a thing as cheap Super Bowl tickets? In times where the economy is bad (as it is right now in 2009/2010), it's good to know that although the price for this year's Super Bowl tickets have hit its highest mark at $1,000+, there are rumors that about 1,000 tickets will be sold for a slight discount.

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If you are one of the lucky ones purchasing your Super Bowl tickets for the Dolphin Stadium in Miami for February 7, 2010, you might be able to get a whopping $200 - $500 discount from the $1,000 price tag. Kind of makes you wonder where are the days when you could score seats for under $100. Well - the good ol' times!!

So, how is it that every year on eBay and all those ticket broker sites you see a multitude of people selling super bowl tickets for thousands of dollars a piece?...And EVERY TICKET sells. How many of these people acquired these tickets with the simple desire to sell them for profit?

More than you think.

Whether it is your desire to obtain Super Bowl tickets AT COST to resell them for thousands of dollars in profit, or to simply say you are one of the few to have actually attended a Super Bowl while the other 100 + million people watched it on TV, here is the secret on how the average person can obtain these highly sought after tickets.

Super Bowl tickets face value already is not cheap - about $500-$600 a ticket, depending on the seat. But again, the resale on these tickets is astronomical...anywhere from $1500-$3000...sometimes more. Remember, there is NEVER an empty seat at a Super Bowl. All the tickets will sell, and NONE of the tickets sell at face value. That is the nature of Super Bowl Ticket Prices.

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