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The Rose Bowl Seating Chart is supposed to help you find the right place to sit when you decide to attend the annual Rose Bowl college football game (or any other event for that matter). Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Tickets 2010-01-01  Pasadena, CA, Rose Bowl

The Best Seats: The best seats are located in sections 4, 5, 18, and 19 rows 1 to 59. They will cost you more, but you have the best view. Be aware with the lettered rows in this area - those seats are too low for some fans.

Excellent Seats: These are the remaining yard line seats which are sections 2-3, 6-7, 16-17, and 20-21. You will still have a very good view of the game AND the prices will be considerably less than the Best Seats.

Good Seats: You will find those in the End Zone and corner seats in rows 1-59. You definitely are going to have a different view of the game from here. There are no obstructions and no trouble seeing the entire field. However, the downside of these seats is that they are a bit far away when the game action happens at the opposite end of the field.

Average Seats: Lettered rows on the end and sides or high rows on the ends or corners. The high rows just create distance from play but the lettered rows on the sides can be obstructed by the players. The lettered rows are flat and do not provide you with a clear view of the entire field all of the time. If you just want to get in to the game, these are the seats.

But in the end, it depends on how much you want to pay for your tickets - we all know, the better the seats, the higher the price. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, the game will always be exciting, no matter where you sit.

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