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Doritos Crash The Superbowl Contest

As of 11/15/2010 the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011 contest, also known as the Doritos Crash The Superbowl, is closed. The votes are in! All submissions were reviewed and on 1/3/2011 the final 5 contestants were announced. The 3 Doritos Super Bowl commercials shown during Super Bowl XLV were determined based on the voting on the official Doritos Crash The Super Bowl website. You, as our site visitor, can comment on the 5 finalists below. Share with us at the bottom of this page, who you think may be one of the few "Doritos Crash The Superbowl" commercials to be seen and enjoyed during the game.For those of you who watched the game, it didn't take too long to see which 3 commercials made it into the game. We got to see The Best Part, Pug Attack and House Sitting. Do you share the excitement a lot of viewers had? Share with us at the bottom of this page.

DORITOS® - The Best Part Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011

This Doritos Super Bowl ad was a finalist in a competition where amateur writers were offered a chance to write ideas for Super Bowl commercials. The ad has two parts, the first a co-workers licks the cheese off another's fingers. In the second is an employee wipes his fingers on his pants and another rips them off and sniffs the Doritos smell.

Created by: Tyler Dixon, 35, Part-time door-to-door salesman

CONCEPT: An awkward office worker loves Doritos so much heseeks out the leftover flavor on his co-workers, licking one guy’s finger and tearing off another’s pants to get at the cheesygoodness on the fabric.

PRODUCTION: Borrowed equipment to shoot the spot and enlisted two friends, a lawyer and realtor, who also provided the location.

Dixon wrote and co-directed the spot with friend Eddie King.The Brigham Young University graduate aspires to be a professional comedic entertainment writer, but in the meantime pays the bills by selling satellite TV door-to-door in Lehi, Utah.

DREAM JOB: “To get paid to share the craziness in my head.”


BIGGEST EXPENSE: Doritos, Pepsi Max and “round little sandwiches”.

DORITOS® - House Sitting Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011

In this video, a man who house sits for a friend revives a fish and a house plant after he has neglected them after days of eating Doritos. He also has a surprise family member at home when the friend returns, all thanks to Doritos. This video was a finalist in the 2011 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest.

Created by: Tynesha Williams, 34 Creative director at Sanders\\Wingo

CONCEPT: A house sitter makes a mess, forgets to water the plants or feed the fish. Just before his friend returns, he restores everything and brings the fish back to life by sprinkling Doritos crumbs over everything.

“I started thinking about how powerful the flavor is and how much fun that could be,” says Williams.

PRODUCTION: Enlisted the help of a producer friend and did her casting on Facebook.

BACKGROUND: An art director who graduated from Michigan State University and later Portfolio Center, Williams has spent the last 11 years working at agencies specializing in urban marketing. She never thought about directing until she got into advertising and began working on the set regularly.

DREAM JOB: “I want to become a comedy director.”

BUDGET: $1,000

BIGGEST EXPENSE: Lighting and food.

DORITOS® - Pug Attack Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011

This Doritos Super Bowl ad was a finalist in a competition where amateur writers were offered a chance to write ideas for Super Bowl commercials. In this commercial, a man play with a dog, tempting it through a glass door with a bag of Doritos. The dog runs toward the door and crashes it down. In the end the dog stands munching on the bag on top of the door and the man. This may be one of the top Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011 submissions to be shown during the game.

Created by: J.R. Burningham, 31, Freelance editor and Web designer

CONCEPT: A man teases a pug with a bag of Doritos, but the canine gets its revenge.

PRODUCTION: Everyone, including his partner Tess Ortbals, who co-wrote and produced the spot, volunteered their time. Burningham wrote, directed and edited the spot. The inspiration for the spot, and its star, was a friend’s mischievous pup named Oko Nono.

BACKGROUND: Burningham grew up in Salt Lake City and moved to Los Angeles to study film at USC. He formed a production company with Ortbals called Mythmakers Entertainment after graduation. He works as an editor to pay the bills. This is his first time directing a commercial.

DREAM JOB: Writing and directing feature films.

BUDGET: $500

BIGGEST EXPENSE: Food and camera rental.

DORITOS® - Birthday Wish Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011

In this ad, a finalist in a contest where amateur writers submitted commercials for a spot to be aired during the Super Bowl, a father blows out his son's birthday cake candles to make his own wishes come true.

Created by: Heather Kasprzak, 27, Corporate video producer

CONCEPT: A dad steals his son’s birthday wishes to get his dream presents—Doritos, a robot best friend and a stripper’s pole for his wife.

PRODUCTION: Kasprzak, who produced this entry directed and written by friend Kevin Willson, is going for her second Super Bowl appearance. Last year, a spot on which she was assistant director (working with the same team) featured a man whose dying wish was to be buried in a Doritos-filled casket; it later aired on TV. Executive producer Jeff Edwards, who funded that production, also put up the money on this year’s entry.

BACKGROUND: Kasprzak produces corporate research videos for a toy company. A film student at Marquette, Kasprzak, moved to Los Angeles five years ago to become an actress and dancer, but developed a passion for producing and directing instead.

DREAM JOB: “To produce or direct a feature film.”

BUDGET: $3000

BIGGEST EXPENSE: cameras and production equipment, props, food.

DORITOS® - Adam Eve Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011

In this last Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011, a finalist in a competition where amateur writers were offered a chance to write ideas for Super Bowl commercials, Eve offers Adam her apple after taking a bite. Instead of being tempted, Adam says, "I'm good" and reveals a bag of Doritos. Thunder rolls and lighting claps and the ad ends.

Created by: Stephen Schuster, 35, Freelance designer/director

CONCEPT: Eve offers Adam an apple, but he prefers Doritos. “I tried to take an age-old story and put a little bit of a twist on it,” says Schuster.

PRODUCTION: Volunteer cast and crew. Used his own camera and light kit, borrowed a studio, wrote, directed and produced the spot.

BACKGROUND: Currently living in Topanga, Calif., Schuster, who studied graphic design and fine arts at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, works as a freelance designer and director, creating motion graphics and broadcast design. Directing experience includes music videos for Alice in Chains and Soasin. This is his first commercial.

DREAM JOB: “To become a director,” first as a live-action commercial director and later feature film.

BUDGET: $750

BIGGEST EXPENSE: Plant rentals for Garden of Eden effect.

We hope you enjoyed the videos of the final 5 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2011 submissions as much as we did. Feel free to share your thoughts with us below and come back often to read other fan's reviews as well.

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House Sitting and Pug Attack are in a tie 
The Doritos House Sitting ad is a bit over the top when he brings grandpa alive with a Dorito snack infusion in the end, but it sure is a great laugh! …

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